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TENA Protective Underwear Super Plus Men

Price: $100.00

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    • Medium/Large 64/cs
    • X-Large 56/cs

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    Tena Men Protective Underwear

    **Not Discreetly Packaged**

    Tena Men Protective Underwear have a modern design to fit, look and feel like everyday men's underwear and at the same time give extra protection for moderate to heavy urine loss. Tena Men Protective Underwear are anatomically designed to give men protection where they need it most. The contoured design gives a comfortable fit and helps prevent leakage and embarrassment. The striped design cloth-like outer fabric is soft and crinkle-free more like standard underwear for discreet wearing.

    Tena Men Protective Underwear are 40% more absorbent than other brands of protective underwear. The advanced Dry Fast Core technology employs super-absorbent MicroBeads to absorb and lock away moisture for leakage protection. Tena Men Protective Underwear are pH balanced to neutralize urine for maximum odor control and feeling fresh.

    Tena Men Protective Underwear Features 

    • Dry Fast Core
    • Super Absorbent MicroBeads
    • Contoured Design
    • Striped Design Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
    • pH Balanced
    • Odor Control
    • Pull On Underwear

    TENA Men Protective Underwear Sizing

    Available Sizes

    TENA Men Medium/Large 34" - 50" 81780 64/cs
    TENA Men X-Large 44" - 64" 87920 56/cs

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