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Male Guards Bag
Male Guards Bag
Male Guards

Price: $60.00


    Tena for Men 120/cs

    **Not Discreetly Packaged**


    Tena for Men are incontinence guards that provide all-day comfort, dryness and security that are specifically designed for the light bladder leakage needs of men. Tena for Men is a cup-shaped product design that follows the contours of the male body for a snug, secure fit. The adhesive strip secures the product in its optimum position within your close-fitting brief style underwear.


    Tena for Men feature a Dry Fast Core with super-absorbent MicroBeads to help lock in liquid and keep it away from the body for reliable protection. The unique technology and design locks in liquid to keep it away from the body. Tena for Men Protective Guards are pH Balanced to control odor for feel-good freshness. Plus, Tena for Men are individually wrapped for convenient, discreet portability.

    How to wear Tena for Men


    Tena for Men fit right into your own brief-style underwear. The adhesive strip holds the Tena Protective Guard in place for incontinence protection exactly where you need it most. The elastic leg cuffs and the contoured design keep the Tena Guard comfortable next to your body for ultra protection from leakage. Tena for Men offers discreet and comfortable protection for men with very light to moderate urinary incontinence.

    Tena for Men Features

    • Dry Fast Core
    • Super Absorbent MicroBeads
    • Contoured Design
    • Cloth-Like Outer Fabric
    • pH Balanced
    • Odor Control
    • Adhesive Strip
    • Individually Wrapped

    TENA for Men


    Tena for Men 50600
    120 6 bags of 20

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