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Tena Protective Underwear Extra Absorbency - SCT72232
Tena Protective Underwear Extra Absorbency - SCT72232

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    Designed for both men and women, for full coverage and extra security, with heavier bladder leakage protection.

    The Body-Close Fitâ„¢ design moves with the body for more comfort and greater wearer dignity.

    Designed for heavy urine loss, TENA Protective Underwear Extra provides dignified protection that is secure and worn like normal underwear. The exceptional security is due to the InstaDri Skin-Caring Systemâ„¢ technology, which rapidly absorbs urine into the core and away from the skin. So, even when seated or lying down for long periods of time, the wearer will stay dry and comfortable , and the risk of skin irritation is reduced.

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