Starting a Conversation About Incontinence

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Starting a Conversation

     Who would have thought that you would need to talk to your parents or children about Adult Incontinence? While choosing the right Molicare incontinence products is important for managing incontinence, there are a few hints to keep your urinary and intestinal systems healthy. Even some simple changes can make a big difference and help you to stay mobile. Simple things may include keeping up fluids: It is important that you drink enough ?uid to keep your body running smoothly. At least six to eight glasses of water or herbal tea per day is recommended. Reduce coffee and alcohol, as they may irritate your bladder and don’t force yourself to go to the bathroom, just go when you need to. Eating high fiber foods: Fiber is an essential component of every diet. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as foods containing whole wheat ?our will help keep your bowels healthy and in good working order. Watch your weight: Incontinence can result from being overweight or obese. Reducing your weight, even by a few pounds, will help ease abdominal pressure and unburden your pelvic muscles. Choosing the right exercise: Pelvic ?oor exercises are a training program (especially in the case of stress incontinence) to strengthen the muscles that support the uterus, bladder and other pelvic organs. Performing these exercises regularly will help to prevent accidental urine leakage as a result of sneezing, coughing or laughing.

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