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Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad
Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad
Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad

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    Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpads

    Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpads are ideal for those who are at risk of skin breakdown or have fragile skin conditions due to excessive levels of urine loss.  Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad provide the ultimate in underpad absorbent capacity and skin dryness.  They can absorb over a quart of liquid without leaking, which results in an exceptionally dry environment. 

    The Peach Mat Core in the Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpads neutralizes the pH of urine and guarantees superior skin dryness. Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpads also feature the Tranquility Antimicrobial and Antifungal Protection (TQ-A/P) that eliminate odors by inhibiting bacteria and fungi growth. Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad have four adhesive tabs that hold the Peach Sheet in place and resist slippage and reduce the need for repositioning. 


    Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad Features

    • Peach Mat Construction
    • Odor Elimination
    • pH Neutralization of Urine
    • Adhesive Tabs
    • Latex Free
    Peach Sheet UnderpadsTRA2074
     21.5"x32.5" 8 packs of 12  (96/cs)

    Tranquility Peach Sheet Underpad

    Available Sizes


    21.5” x 32.5”    
    TRA2074 72 4 packs of 18
    Heavy Duty 30" x 36"

    TRA2088 96
    8 packs of 12

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