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Drisorb Underpads

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    Dri-Sorb Underpad Sizes:

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    Attends Underpads

          Sometimes referred to as Chux Pads, Attends Underpads are an economical choice for everyday use. The regular absorbency of Attends Underpads make them suitable for use in a multitude of settings. Attend Underpads have a soft, non-woven topsheet for wicking fluid away from skin and promotes skin health while protecting surfaces. The Dri-Sorb Core absorbs liquid and keeps skin feeling dry. Attends Underpads' tough backsheet is waterproof and leak resistant.

          Attends Underpads come in a variety of sizes that make them ultimately convenient for use in many situations.

    Attends Underpad Features

    • Dri-Sorb Core
    • Soft, Non-Woven Topsheet
    • Moisture-Resistant Backsheet

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