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Tena Belted Undergarments
Tena Belted Undergarments
Belted Undergarments

Price: $66.00

    Tena Belted Undergarments

    **Not Discreetly Packaged**


    Tena Belted Undergarments provide moderate to heavy bladder or bowel incontinence with flexible and adjustable belts that hold the product securely in place. Tena Belted Undergarments have a multi-layer core that contains super absorbent polymer to maximize absorbency and improve skin dryness. Multi-strand elastic leg gathers enhance flexibility and increase comfort while providing protection against leakage.


    Tena Belted Undergarments come with a set of elastic, reusable straps that fit around the hips. The belts attach to the absorbent pad with button fasteners that won't slip for a secure, flexible fit.

    Tena Belted Undergarment Features

    • Multi-Layer Absorbent Core
    • Stay-Dry Top Sheet
    • Reusable Elastic Belts
    • Button Fasteners
    • Multi-Strand Leg Gathers
    • One-Size-Fits-All

    Tena Belted Undergarments Size and Packaging

    Available Sizes

    Color     Count
    Tena Belted Undergarment     30"- 54" 62900 White 120/cs

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