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Prevail Belted Shields

Price: $60.00


    Prevail Belted Undergarments

          Prevail Belted Shields are incontinence undergarments typically worn by people with an active lifestyle. Prevail Belted Shields are high performance undergarments that feature Quick Wick with MaxSoft for super softness and super fast absorption that keeps your skin dry. Soft, elastic leg bands give a more comfortable fit and provide superior leak protection. Odor Guard, combined with the Super Absorbent Polymer absorbent material stop odors before they start.
          The advanced technology of Prevail Belted Shields maintains optimum absorbency while reducing bulk, for a more comfortable, discreet fit. Plus, the Skin Smart fabric is infused with vitamin E, Aloe, and Chamomile to soothe and help maintain skin health.

    Prevail Belted Shields for Flexible Fit and Security

          Prevail Belted Shields have reusable elastic straps that attach to the absorbent mat with button fasteners. Prevail Shields have reinforced button holes to prevent tearing and give a secure fit for a wide range of sizes.

    Prevail Belted Shields Features

    • QuickWick with MaxSoft
    • Skin Smart
    • Odor Guard
    • Reinforced Button Hole Attachment
    • Cloth-Like Breathable Outer Layer
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Vitamin E, Aloe, Chamomile Infused
    • One-Size-Fits-Most

    Prevail Belted Shields Size and Packaging

    Available Sizes

    Color     Case
    Prevail Belted Shields     One Size PV-324 White 120 4 bags of 30

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