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Sure Care Protective Underwear

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    Sure Care Protective Underwear

          Sure Care Underwear protects against leaks and odors for an overall better quality of life. Sure Care Protective Underwear provides outstanding absorbency through the use of wide super absorbent gel core that has concentrated protection where it is needed most. The addition of super polymer controls odor by absorbing and locking fluid away from the surface and the skin. Side leakage can sometime be a problem that leads to embarrassment but Sure Care Protective Underwear has flexible gathers at the legs for a snug secure fit that reduces side leakage.

    The Dignified Solution for Incontinence Care

          Sure Care Protective Underwear is a dignified, discreet, underwear-like product used for moderate to heavy incontinence protection. It offers the wearer the look and feel of real underwear and is anatomically designed to fit and be comfortable. Sure Care Protective Underwear pull up and down like regular underwear, however the ultrasonic side seal tears away easily for quick and easy removal. The outer cloth-like material is stretchable and breathable to maintain comfort by reducing heat build-up and skin irritation.

    Sure Care Protective Underwear Features

    • Unisex Design
    • Super Absorbent Gel Core
    • Super Polymer for Odor Control
    • Cloth-Like Material
    • Breathable
    • Flexible Leg Gathers
    • Easy-Tear Removal
    • Color Coded Back Strands
    • No Belts or Tape
    • Maximum Absorbency

    Sure Care Protective Underwear Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Color Coded
    Sure Care Underwear Medium 33" - 46" 4 Green 1605 80 4 bags of 20
    Sure Care Underwear Large 44" - 54" 4 Blue 1615 72 4 bags of 18
    Sure Care Underwear X-Large 48" - 66" 7 Blue 1625 56 4 bags of 14
    Sure Care Underwear XX-Large 60" - 80" 4 Black 1630 48 4 bags of 12

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