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Attends Super Plus Underwear

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    Attends Underwear Super Plus

          Attends Underwear Super Plus are an excellent choice when needing moderate to heavy incontinence protection. Attends Super Plus contain super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for super plus absorbency. The inner acquisition layer quickly channels fluid away from the body while the triple-tier moisture locking system (cellulose fibers, micro-porous acquisition layer, super absorbent polymer) featured in Attends Underwear Super Plus provide exponential improvements in absorbency and promote skin health and manage odor. For extra protection against leg leakage, Attends Super Plus have Ultimate Defense Leak-Guard elastic leg cuffs.

          Attends Underwear Super Plus pull up or down, just like regular underwear but these have tear-away sides for easy removal when soiled. Attends Underwear Super Plus are made with a cloth-like, breathable, air-flow material for dry, healthy skin and discreet wear. The stretchable, comfort-fit belly and waistband elastics ensure a snug, comfortable fit. The back of the garment features colored stitching so they always fit right.

    Attends Underwear Super Plus Features

    • Unisex Design
    • Triple-Tier Moisture Locking System
    • Inner Acquisition Layer
    • Super Absorbent Polymer Core
    • Odor Control
    • Breathable, Air-Flow Material
    • Comfort-Fit Belly Elastics
    • Ultimate Defense Leak-Guards
    • Moderate to Heavy Protection

    Attends Super Underwear Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Attends Number    Case Count   Inner Packaging
    Small (22"–32")APP0710
    4 bags of 20
    Medium (32"–44")    APP0720
    4 bags of 20
    Large (44"–58") APP0730
    72 4 bags of 18
    X-Large (58"-68")
    4 bags of 14

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