Depend Silhouette vs. Prevail Smooth Fit

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Smooth Fit Underwear by Prevail and Depend Silhouette are very similar products. So similar that I have a sneaking suspicion one was designed based on the other. They are both designed to look like cotton panties and are made of a very comfortable cloth-like material that stretches. There is a tagless label on the back of each. We did a test of their absorbencies in the video below and found that Prevail Smooth Fit was able to hold 15 ounces. Depend Silhouette was only able to hold 10. If you aren’t looking for something very absorbent, that should be enough, but the extra absorbency in Prevail Smooth Fit helps.

Depend Silhouette Underwear have been very well received by active women that want a discreet incontinence product. Silhouette Underwear look remarkably like regular underwear and can be worn over relatively loose fitting clothes without anyone else knowing the difference. Depend Silhouette customers have said that the underwear do not bunch up as much as other incontinence products, but they cannot be worn under tight-fitting clothes. Many people are familiar with this product and brand because they are available in retail stores and have TV ad campaigns. Most women with light incontinence that use this product are very happy with how it performs. The main benefit of this product is its comfortability and its slim, discreet design.

Smooth Fit Underwear is a new product from Prevail also meant for active women that want discreet protective underwear. Prevail is not as well recognized as a brand as Depend, but their products are high quality and affordable. Like Depend Silhouette Underwear, Smooth Fit Underwear are designed for the most comfortable, discreet fit that feels more like underwear than an incontinence product. Prevail also designed Smooth Fit Underwear to be highly absorbent and to prevent and lock away odors. The back of the underwear does not bunch up at all (Depend Silhouette is minimal, but there), so they are very discreet.

These products are very similar, but I think that Prevail Smooth Fit’s extra absorbency and more discreet fit put it over the top.


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