The Top 5 Discreet Protective Underwear

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There is not a lot of competition in the field of discreet protective underwear. They have a great balance of comfort, discretion, and protection from leaks, so I hope to see more products like these on the market in the future.  The underwear are ranked based on their slim design for a discreet fit, absorbency, and comfort.

Prevail Smooth Fit

The winner of this category deserves its place because of its extremely sleek and comfortable design.  It also beat Depend Sillhouette in an absorbency test we recently performed, hold a total of 15 ounces.  We recommend this product for anyone looking for a discreet and comfortable protective underwear.

MoliCare Mobile Light

Although this is not as discreet as other products on this list, the material it is made of is very comfortable and absorbent and the ruffles aren't as likely to bulge out of clothes as most protective underwear.  This is a great option if you are more concerned about the underwear's performance and less about appearance.

Prevail Extra Protective Underwear

Another protective underwear that is more focused on performance than being discreet, but is still relatively slim and not bulky.  This is our most popular underwear.  Our customers love Prevail products' high quality and low cost.

Depend Silhouette Briefs for Women

This product is very popular with women looking for a close, comfortable fit that they can easily hide under clothes.  People that buy this product are usually satisfied with its performance when met with light incontinence.  In an absorbency test, it held 10 ounces which is usually more than enough for someone with light incontinence.

Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men

Depend Real Fit Briefs are designed similarly to the Silhouette Briefs for Women with some more room in the front and a grey color that many men prefer.  The slim design and cloth-like fabric makes them comfortable and easy to fit under clothes.

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