Now Carrying Stay Dry & Thera

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Stay Dry Adult Briefs and Protective Underwear are a great choice for those looking for the right balance of quality and saving. Now people at home can get the same products that are used at long-term care homes and hospitals.

Stay Dry incontinence products use super absorbent polymers, allowing them to deal with any level of incontinence. Stay Dry products are ideal for people at home or in a facility that are looking affordable prices without sacrificing.

We provide real photographs of the bags that you receive in the mail. We even feature a 360 ° view of incontinence products on our website, so you can see what you’ll get before you buy it.

Thera Advanced Skin Care is for compromised and hypersensitive skin. It is for use in critical care or home settings. Thera is infused with safflex, a proprietary blend of nourishing vitamins, minerals, a gentle Lavender fragrance along with Safflower Seed Oil and Ginger Root Extract. Thera Advanced Skin Care therapy has been specially formulated for people with skin issues, skin irritation, diaper rash, and dry, cracked skin.

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