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Attends Washcloths

Price: $7.00


    Attends Washcloths

          Attends Washcloths are ideal for sensitive skin and perineal care. They are latex free to reduce allergic reactions. The alcohol free formula provides gentle cleansing without drying or irritating sensitive skin and no rinsing is necessary. Attends Washcloths are lightly scented to help reduce odors. Made from spun lace, Attends Adult Washcloths are a soft, thick cloth that cleanses the skin without irritation.

    Attends Washcloths a Cleansing Component for Incontinence Skin Care

          When used in conjunction with adult briefs, underwear or incontinence pads Attends Adult Washcloths deliver a complete solution for incontinence skin care that promotes skin health and wellness. Attends Washcloths have a gentle, moisturizing formula with aloe, chamomile and vitamin E that sooths while it cleans and protects skin. Attends Adult Washcloths come in a soft pack with a reclosable lid.

    Attends Washcloth Features

    • Spun Lace Washcloth

    • Aloe, Chamomile, Vitamin E

    • No-Rinse Formula

    • pH Balanced

    • Hypoallergenic

    • Fresh Fragrance

    • Alcohol Free

    • Latex Free

    • Soft Pack with an Easy Close Lid

    • 8.7"_ x 12.6"_ Washcloth Size