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Triple Helix Collagen

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    • 1 gram powder packs 5 per bag

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    Triple Helix Collagen

    Triple Helix is available in both traditional pad form, and also a new powder forms. Triple Helix Collagen is unique because both forms of this collagen

    wound dressing are made from 100% pure collagen. There are no additives or fillers to this product.

    It can be used on vascular, diabetic, and pressure ulcer stages 2-4. Triple Helix is perfect for highly draining wounds because it is able to absorb 40 times its weight in drainage.

    Triple Helix Collagen interacts with the extra cellular matrix of the skin and encourages fibroblast and macrophage production. Since the body can't tell foreign from native collagen, and Triple Helix is made from pure collagen, this adds to its ability to jump-start wound healing in stalled wounds.

    The versitile powder can easily be absorbed by the body because of its fine powder form. Triple Helix Powder is biocompatible and can be used with other product such as a wound gel to allow access to tunneling wounds. There is also no need for cutting or measuring. And lastly, the unique powder form allows it to fit any size or shape of wound.

    Triple Helix pad and powder are both reimbursable through insurance under the A6021 (pad) and A6010 (powder) codes.

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