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Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads Long

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    Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads Long

    **Not Discreetly Packaged**


    Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads Long are thin and discreet, yet just as absorbent as regular pads. Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads utilize the Tena Twist Technology along with a revolutionary new core of three-dimensional network of fibers containing super absorbent Micro-Beads that prevent the pad from bunching-up during use. The result is that the pad provides thick protection without the bulk.


    Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads weight for weight are more absorbent than the traditional, thicker pads. They are less than one-third of an inch thick yet absorb 18 times their weight. All the protection you need in a thin pad. They are also are thin and flexible so they adapt to your movements, which gives you a comfortable discreet fit. They are made with soft, flexible materials that lock fluid away quickly and are pH balanced to fight odors. Ultra thin and ultra absorbent for the protection you expect without the bulk of regular pads. These Pads are designed for bladder leakage with the 3D Micro-Bead core that quickly absorbs liquid and locks it away and won't leak, even when it is twisted, so you don't have to worry about leakage as you go about your day. Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads are pH balanced to fight odors and help you feel fresh. 

    Tena Ultra Thins Features

    • Tena Twist Technology
    • Ultra Thin Design
    • 3D Micro-Bead Core
    • Super Absorbent
    • pH Balanced
    • Individually Wrapped

    Tena Twist Technology - As seen on TV!

    Tena is a leader in producing incontinence products that make you feel more secure. The Tena Twist Technology can give you confidence in your pad because once the liquid is absorbed into the double fluff micro beads it won't leak out, even when it is twisted! The Tena Twist demonstration shows just how confident you can feel when wearing Tena Thin Pads. That's the fearless protection of Tena Technology.

    How was the Tena Twist demonstration I saw on TV created?

    For the purpose of the TV demonstration, 8 ounces of saline at body temperature was poured into a Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pad Long. Saline was used for the liquid because of its close properties to urine. After one minute, the saline was absorbed completely. Then the pad was twisted to show how nothing leaked out even during movement. The twist motion is representative of what happens when you walk or move.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    tena ultra thins

    This is a better designed product than other Tena items. Pads stay in place and are much more discreet to use than regularly sized pads. ultra thins also have a good absorption. i rate these @ 3 stars.

    Tena Serenity Anywhere Ultra Thin Pads Long

    Available Sizes

    Pack of 32
    Case of 128

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