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Tena Protective Underwear Plus

Price: $55.00

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    • Medium 72/cs
    • Large 72/cs
    • X-Large 60/cs

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    TENA Protective Underwear Plus for Greater Dignity

          TENA Protective Underwear Plus offers secure protection for moderate to heavy bladder leakage for both men and women to give full coverage, extra security, and ultimately more comfort and dignity.

          The patented Body-Close fit, TENA Protective Underwear Plus is designed to move with the body for more comfort and greater wearer dignity. Body-Close Fit Technology uses more elastic threads throughout the entire pant area so it won't sag or leak. Around the legs, TENA Protective Underwear Plus have leg cuffs and Standing Gathers for sitting and standing protection. The soft, cloth-like material feels as comfortable as underwear and the gentle elastic waistband allows pants to be pulled on and off like underwear too. Also, for ultimate convenience, TENA Underwear have Tear Away sides for easy removal when garment is soiled.

    TENA Protective Underwear Plus Features

    • Unisex Design
    • Patented Body-Close Fit
    • Full Coverage
    • Cloth-Like Material
    • Tear Away Sides
    • Leg Cuffs
    • Standing Gathers
    • No Belts or Tape Tabs
    • Moderate to Heavy Protection

    TENA Protective Underwear Plus Sizing

    Available Sizes

    TENA Underwear Medium 34" - 44" 72239 72 per Case
    TENA Underwear Large 45" - 58" 72339 72 per Case
    TENA Underwear X-Large 55" - 66" 72439 60 per Case

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