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Sorbalux ABD Pads

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    Sorbalux ABD pads

    Sorbalux ABD pads are a comfortable, highly absorbent pad that is effective as a primary or secondary dressing for heavily draining wounds. Composed of an absorbent cellulose inner layer and a soft non-woven outer layer, Sorbalux ABD allows maximum drainage over the entire pad. Comfortable to the skin, the outer layer provides maximum wound protection. The pad is securely sealed on each side to prevent lint and fiber from contaminating the wound. Individually packaged in peel-back sterile pouches to ensure aseptic technique, Sorbalux ABD pads dispense easily from open boxes that require little shelf space.

    • Latex-free, sterile, individually sealed 
    • Absorbent cellulose inner layer 
    • Soft, non-woven outer layer 
    • Securely sealed on each side to prevent contamination  
    • Features blue line guide to ensure proper application
    • Packaged in easy-to-open, peel-back sterile pouches

    Sorbalux ABD ordering information

    Product CodeSize Per Box HCPCS 
    48700000 5” x 9” 25 A6252
    48720000 8” x 10” 16 A6253

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