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SilverMed Antimicrobial Silver

Price: $18.00


    SilverMed is an anti-microbial hydrogel from MPM Medical.  This silver gel is effective against MRSA and VRE in wounds.  It has a sustained release formula that kills and protects against bacteria for six days.  It contains 30 parts per-million silver and because of this silver content it helps reduce bioburden in wound beds.

    SilverMed contains aloe and allantoin which both help to make it an excellent moisturizer.    This smooth silver gel formula is easy to apply to wounds and easy to remove.  SiverMed won't evaporate in a wound bed either and is a perfect choice for its longer wear time.   SilverMed will also help reduce odor in wounds by killing odorous bacteria.

    In comparison to Silvadene, SilverMed has many distinct advantages.   Unlike Silvadene, it is sulfa free and can be used on patients with sulfa allergies for anti-microbial protection.  This silver-gel is safe and indicated for use in wounds where as Silvadene is not.  Lastly, SilverMed doesn't stain the skin like Silvadene does.

    Consider SilverMed as an aloe based silver gel next time your patient requires a topical anti-microbial.  This wound gel is covered by insurance under the A6248 code.