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Stretch Fit Size A

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    Prevail StretchFit Briefs

    Prevail StretchFit Briefs are an innovative incontinence adult brief with Skin Smart, discreet color and size coding, Easy Read Wetness Indicator, and Quick Wick with MaxSoft. These high performance features provide secure, incontinence protection and reduces product management costs.

    StretchFit Briefs have stretchy side panels that are easy to grab, pull and attach for an adjustable fit that is secure and comfortable. The dual Easy Loc Fastener strips and Direct Lock Panels make application easy and fast. Quick Wick with MaxSoft for maximum, super-quick absorbency and is super soft against the skin. Quick Wick as a part of the discreet absorbent core technology makes it possible for StretchFit Briefs to absorb more with less bulk and effectively keep it locked away to reduce skin irritation and leaks. Odor Guard prevents odors before they even begin by reducing the total amount ammonia formed within the brief and the super absorbent polymers lock odor inside.

    Prevail StretchFit Brief Features

    • Skin Smart Fabric
    • Quick Wick with MaxSoft
    • Odor Guard
    • Breathable Zones
    • Soft Cloth-like Outer Fabric
    • Wetness Indicator
    • Easy-Lock Fastener Strips
    • Color Coded Sizing
    • Maximum Plus Absorbency

    Prevail Size Wise Guide

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    Mae ZnFir

    Switching Back to Prevail Breezers

    • Prevail%20still%20makes%20Breezers
    • The%20sides%20are%20too%20narrow
    I am going back to the Prevail Breezers Briefs, which are feel are much more practical for someone bedridden. The sides are too narrow, did not find the stretch part adding to the practically of needing the stretch.......the side panels are not the same size as the Breezers (which cover the patient"s side area when they are fastened). The stretch fit style will extend to fasten, but the side "panels" are much narrower when the briefs are closed and I don't have the feeling of security in the event of a "natural disaster"! Had I ordered them when our needs first arose, I don't think I would have pursued other products in the Prevail line....and from what I know now, that would have been a mistake, since I do like the Breezers.

    FYI..I am pleased with the service I receive from your company and have no plans to make any changes, but I did feel the need to put my comments out to help someone like me who is still searching for things that work for patients and caregivers. There is so much "out there" that doesn't work and until you need them there is no way of knowing "what is and what isn't". I use the Breezers for day wear and am pleased with the Tranquility ATN for night time. This system right now seems to be the best for us.

    Prevail StretchFit Adult Briefs Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Prevail Number    Case Count   Inner Packaging
    Prevail StretchFit A (32"–54")  SFA
    6 bags of 16
    Prevail StretchFit B (49"–68")
    6 bags of 16

    Prevail StretchFit Features

    Prevail StretchFit Features