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Draw Sheet Underpad

Price: $35.99


    Protect-A-Bed Drawsheet/Underpad

          Protect-A-Bed Drawsheet/Underpad is a flat sheet style waterproof mattress protector designed with incontinence sufferers in mind. The Protect-A-Bed Drawsheet/Underpad features the Miracle Membrane. A unique waterproof membrane sandwiched between two layers of soft terry for comfortable protection. The Protect-A-Bed Draw sheet is fully waterproof and protects against a variety of liquids: spills, body fluids, sweat, and bedwetting. The flat style is designed to tuck under the mattress and resist wrinkling while the person sleeps. Protect-A-Bed Drawsheets are durable enough to be washed over 200 times without losing their waterproof properties.

          Protect-A-Bed Drawsheet/Underpads provide extra protection for night time incontinence. They are not like sleeping on rubber pads or disposable underpads. The Miracle Membrane that prevents fluid from seeping though to the mattress and the terry covering keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. Protect-A-Bed Drawsheet/Underpads are waterproof yet breathable for a good night's sleep.

    Protect-A-Bed Drawsheet/Underpad Features

    • Flat Sheet Style Draw Sheet
    • Miracle Membrane
    • Super Absorbent
    • Double-Sided Terry
    • Breathable Protection
    • Durable - 200 Washings