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Dignity Reusable Bedpads

Price: $16.00

    Dignity Washable Bed Pads

          Dignity Washable Bed Pads represent an exceptional value when protecting bedding and furniture. These washable bed pads are made to hold up through multiple washings and it seems like they never wear out. Dignity Washable Bed Pads are a great option for institutions that prefer a durable, washable product and are perfect for use at home too.

          The top layer of Dignity Washable Bed Pads features a quilted 100% polyester fabric that is rustle-free and soft against the skin. The absorbent core has multiple layers of polyester and viscose for maximum absorbency and overnight protection. Dignity Washable Bed Pads have a polyester/PVC blue water proof backing.

          Dignity Washable Bed Pads come in three convenient sizes. The standard size is convenient to use to protect chairs or to place under an individual in bed. The larger, 35"_ x 35"_ size also is available with tucks so you can tuck the edges under your mattress for stay-in-place protection.

    Dignity Washable Bed Pad Features

    • Washable
    • Multi-Layer Absorbent Core
    • Moisture-Proof Barrier, Polyester/PVC
    • Individually Wrapped

    Available Sizes of Dignity Washable Bed Pads

     Large with Tucks