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Actisorb Silver 220

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    Actisorb Silver Activated Charcoal Dressing

    Actisorb Silver combines broad-spectrum antimicrobial action with bacterial toxin management and odor control, dressings may help reduce infection in partial- and full-thickness wounds. Embedded silver particles kill bacteria and fungi, while a highly porous, activated charcoal layer binds toxins and odor-causing molecules. Exudate is allowed to flow freely to a secondary absorbent dressing; the outer nylon sleeve facilitates removal with minimal adherence to the wound. Actisorb Dressing is designed to trap wound malodour whilst protecting the wound from infection. By removing harmful elements from the wound, a more stable wound healing environment can be achieved. Actisorb contains silver which kills bacteria and reduces infection and exudates.

    Actisorb Silver Indications:

    Actisorb Silver Dressing may help to reduce infection in partial and full thickness wounds including:
    • Pressure Ulcers
    • Surgical wounds
    • Diabetic Ulcers
    • First and second degree burns
    • Venous Ulcers

    Actisorb Silver 220 ordering information

    Product CodeSize Per Box HCPCS 
    650220 2.5” x 3.75” 10 A6206
    105220 4.125” x 4.125” 10 A6207
    190220 4.125” x 7.5” 10 A6207

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