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Prevail for Men

     Prevail has choices for Men that don't want to wear adult diapers.  Prevail Male Guards are body-shaped pad inserts with cloth-like outer fabric designed for stress and urge incontinence.  Prevail Underwear for Men comfortable waist panels and leg openings are fitted more like regular male underwear. Prevail Boxers for Men look and feel like regular boxer style underwear. Prevail Boxers for Men are disposable underwear that look like cloth boxer shorts but with a maximum absorbency underwear core inside that is body close.

     bladder control pads
Prevail Guards for Men
  Prevail Underwear for Men Prevail Boxers for Men  

Dribbling or Prostate

Moderate to Heavy use

Heavy Incontinence

  One Size 126 per case
Medium 28"-40" 72 per case
Medium 28"-40" 12 per package
  Large 38"-64" 64 per case Large 38"-64" 10 per package 
  White Cloth like Fabric White Cloth like Fabric  Gray Diamond Pattern Fabric 
  Full Length Adhesive Strip Like Regular Men's Underwear
Boxer Design
  Back Labeled Inside
Back Labeled  Inside
adult underwear washable underpads Incontinence support
Men don't want Prevail to make make diapers for men.  So Prevail created 3 great products to help men that have incontinence.  Prevail Guards for Men provide bladder leakage protection designed specifically for Men.  Prevail Guards for Men are commonly used after prostate surgery.  Prevail Underwear for Men are designed to pull on and off easily, and the back label makes it easy to determine the front from the back. Prevail Boxers for Men have a revolutionary new design that feels & looks like regular boxer underwear with maximum incontinence protection.
Prevail Guards for Men Prevail Underwear for Men Prevail Boxers for Men