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Depend Protection with Tabs
Depend Protection with Tabs
Depend Protection with Tabs Details

Price: $75.00

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    • Small/Medium 60/cs
    • Large 48/cs

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    Depend Protection with Tabs

    **Not Discreetly Packaged**

    Depend Protection with Tabs are a maximum absorbency incontinence product to meet the needs of those with heavy to severe incontinence. Depend Protection with Tabs feature six Easy-Grip tabs for a comfortable, customized fit and for discreet open changing. They are latex free and contain no lotions or fragrances to reduce allergic reactions and help maintain skin health. 

    Depend Protection with Tabs use a thin, absorbent pad made of super absorbent polymers that draws wetness in, away from the skin, to lock in urine and odors while helping to keep skin dry. They also have built-in soft leakage barriers around the legs to help reduce side leakage and embarrassment. Depend Protection with Tabs have a disappearing wetness indicator to alert caregivers when product needs to be changed.

    Depend Protection with Tabs Features

    • Thin Absorbent Pad
    • Odor Control
    • Six EasyGrip Tabs
    • Wetness Indicator Line
    • Soft Leakage Barriers
    • Latex Free
    • Fragrance Free
    • Lotion Free
    • Maximum Absorbency
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    Dan HnFir

    Depend Briefs

    <p>Depends were what I used when I first started having problems with Incontinence, while they are not the best on the market, they are far from the worst. They do their job, and nothing more, pretty much all you can ask for, from a product like this. Their absorbency is par for how thin they are, about one void, the tapes hold strong, but will tear the garment when removed. They will leak if worn too long, or repeated large voids. I highly recommend changing them after each use, which adds up fairly fast. They are my backup brand now, that I have on hand if I run out of my normal product. For the price I highly recommend spending a few dollars more and getting the Tranquility ATN's, you will get a far superior product, and more briefs so technically the ATN's are cheaper, per garment, and less changes needed and you will not be disappointed.</p>

    Depend Protection with Tabs Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Weight    Depend
    Depend Protection Small/Medium 19" - 34" 26" - 41" Under 170 35456 60 3 bags of 20
    Depend Protection Large
    35" - 49"
    42" - 54" Over 170 35458
    48 3 bags of 16

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