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Cuties Baby Diapers

Price: $36.00

    Choose Size:
    • Newborn up to 10 lbs 4pks/42 (168ct)
    • Size 1 8-14 lbs 4pks/50 (200ct)
    • Size 2 12-18 lbs 4pks/42 (168ct)
    • Size 3 16-28 lbs 4pks/36 (144ct)
    • Size 4  22-37 lbs 4pks/31 (124ct)
    • Size 5  27+ lbs 4pks/27 (108ct)
    • Size 6 35+ lbs 4pks/23 (92ct)

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    Cuties Baby Diapers

          Cuties Baby Diapers offer high quality, excellent value and superior protection for your baby diapering needs. Cuties Diapers are made with the state-of-the-art technologies and an ultra absorbent core for leakage protection and adjustable grip tabs for a more comfortable fit.

    Cuties Diapers Offer Comfort and Performance

          Cuties Baby Diapers combine performance, design, construction and fit into each baby diaper for maximum leak protection. Cuties Diapers' soft stretchy waist and side panels move with your baby to help prevent leaks. The soft cottony materials surround your baby in comfort and the hypoallergenic liner delivers vitamin E, aloe and chamomile botanicals to help soothe and protect your baby's skin.

    Cuties Baby Diapers Features

    • Ultra Absorbent Core
    • Easy Lock Fastener Tabs
    • Stretch Sides
    • Soft Cloth-Like Fabric
    • Elastic Waistband
    • Inner Leg Cuffs
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Aloe, Chamomile, Vitamin E
    • Chlorine Free

    Meet Our Panel of Experts to blog and learn more about Cuties at www.HDCuties.com

    Meet our Panel of Experts
    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

    Just a note to thank you for the wonderful service you've provided.

    My orders are always on time and the products are always right. With two small children in diapers we go through a lot. Its an absolute plus not having to buy diapers in the store. Home Delivered has been excellent. Its nice to know I can depend on great service. The customer service is always considerate and friendly. I look forward to ordering again.

    Chris and EsthernFir
    Ridgefield WA

    Cuties are the best Hypoallergenic disposable baby diapers!

    • affordable
    • durable
    • free%20shipping
    We just had twin boys and we have been searching for the best baby diaper as we use about 25 every day. Not only are Cuties the cheapest baby diapers we have found but they also hypoallergenic. They have extra wide straps and a much better leak guard. When the babies poo it doesn't smell as bad through the diaper. We brought them home from the hospital and they both had rashes. They continued to have rashes until we started using cuties. We're telling all of our friends about this diaper. The fact that we can have them shipped to our house for free is awesome! We don't run out now. When we get low, we order 2 case or more we get free shipping.


    cuties are the best

    our grandbaby was allergic to every diaper we tried on the market. my daughter received a trial pack of cuties, and having tried every other brand and her poor bottom beet red, we tried these. after just 2 diapers, her butt was completely fine and we have been ordering them ever since! thank you cuties for saving our grandbaby from being miserable!!!

    Michigan Mother of 2nFir

    Thank You Cuties

    Way better than any other diaper on the market...the fully soaked mornings from a failed diaper has decreased extremely with using Cuties!

    Thank you Cuties...

    Angie RnFir

    More Absorbant Than Pampers or Huggies

    These baby diapers are superior to pampers or huggies. Their absorbency holds up to twice as much as these other competitive companies and her "blow outs" have yet to leave me with a full wardrobe change. I am really impressed. More hold with less baby diaper changes is definitely something to brag about in today's economy. Cuties baby diapers are highly recommended from a mom with four children.

    Cuties Baby Diapers Sizing

    Available Sizes

    Cuties Diapers Newborn Up to 10 lbs CR0001 168 4 bags of 42
    Cuties Diapers Size 1 8 - 14 lbs CR1001 200 4 bags of 50
    Cuties Diapers Size 2 12 - 18 lbs CR2001 168 4 bags of 42
    Cuties Diapers Size 3 16 - 28 lbs CR3001 144 4 bags of 36
    Cuties Diapers Size 4 22 - 37 lbs CR4001 124 4 bags of 31
    Cuties Diapers Size 5 27+ lbs CR5001 108 4 bags of 27
    Cuties Diapers Size 6 35+ lbs CR6001 92 4 bags of 23